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“Defy is the jewelry brand that has been developing distinctive unique  designs under the moods and concepts “Dark, Experiment, Fun and Young” We love gloomy feeling inside each piece of jewelry, yet having amusing and enjoyable part at the same time. This is the beauty that we see and this is our style”

Dark Experiment Fun Young

Dark – For us, dark do not mean an absence of light or unhappiness, but means something “different”. Mostly people live in day times and feel the night or with little light an un-usual. This feeling is familiar to our ideas of how to create jewelry to be un-usual in our own style.

Experiment – New things would hardly to come up without explore and experiment. So, we have never stop to experiment new ideas, materials and technics to get what we love the most.

Fun – We always enjoy our works and what we are doing. This is our principle and feeling that would like to express to every jewelries we make.

Young – We continue to create new fresh ideas and designs all the times to stand out the uniqueness, yet in our own way.

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